Warnings about Windows

(In the context of home and office computing.)

  • Every new version of Windows changes its interface, these changes are not always good or what you want
  • Windows is dangerous. Viruses, etc, and criminals have broken into Windows systems billions or even trillions of times. This malware and those break-ins send your data to organised criminals, steal banking and credit card information, take pictures or video of you and your children, record your audio, or display unwanted messages or photographs on your computer. It’s even common for computers to have dozens or hundreds of unwanted programs running on it, so much so that it seriously slows down their computer. That’s not normal! And it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.
  • Windows is badly designed, or is not designed at all, and is unpredictable and impossible to manage and run
  • It is badly programmed and buggy and causes stress, anxiety, humiliation, guilt, anger, feelings of stupidity and other negative feelings
  • Windows plays mind games with you, blaming you for its faults, which are many
  • Windows comes in different editions, different bit lengths and different languages, and you have to pay for all of these separately, and you can’t take it back if you get the wrong one
  • Windows 7 through 10 send a lot of data out of your computer to Microsoft’s servers. This data is then mined and also sold to advertisers. It is difficult and tedious to turn off. (And easier to install Linux.)
  • Windows is closed-source and proprietary and could have any bugs or security holes in the source code, only to be found out by criminals, or government spies
  • Applications can conflict with each other and even crash your system
  • Even the experts do not understand Windows. We might be able to repair it temporarily, but really we have no fix except to reinstall
  • Windows forces reboots and painful reinstallations on you
  • Windows does not come with basic software such as viewers for any type of image, players for every type of audio and video, programs for every type of archive, CD/DVD authoring tools, USB image writing software, easy-to-use backup software, partition editor
  • Applications can reset your preferences to get you to use their products, your computer becomes a battle-ground for company wars
  • Microsoft is particularly bad at this, trying to get you to use their WWW browser, their media player, etc.
  • Windows is so unsafe it helps to have firewalls and malware removal and anti-virus software installed. No other operating system needs that.
  • Windows sometimes hides filename extensions, it allows downloaded files to be executed, automatically runs autorun.inf files by default, is sometimes vulnerable to macro malware, allows the creation of administrator accounts by default, and other serious security problems