Benefits of Linux

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Benefits, upsides and advantages to Linux.

Safe and secure[edit]

No malware[edit]

On Linux malware infections are almost unheard of. (In fact, if you hear of any, tell us.) That means no viruses, no worms, no backdoors, no trojan horses, no spyware, no adware and no ransomware, ever. To compare this with Windows there have been billions of malware infections, and news reports say the damage costs in the range of dozens of billions of dollars.

On Linux you don't even need an antivirus, spyware removal tool or firewall. Linux is really that secure. This also means you'll never have to pay for an antivirus, spyware removal tool, or to have malware removed from your computer or "cleaned".

Safe downloads[edit]

Safe download area, strong encryption used for all packages, safe download area includes thousands or tens of thousands of useful packages.


  • Runs extremely fast on new hardware
  • Runs fast on old hardware
  • Runs on really old hardware
  • Can run in 2 GB of RAM or less
  • Can run on a 30 GB SSD



Ease of administration, security