Is Linux About Choice

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Some people are saying that Linux is not about choice, like this gamer-gate supported site. But over here at Linux Advocacy we believe Linux is defined by choice.

Here's one essay that helps accentuate the point.

by Gary Newell Updated July 02, 2018 48

There is one word that really defines Linux, and that word is choice.

Some people say that there is too much choice, especially when it comes to the number of distributions, but really the choice of which distribution to choose is just the beginning.

Choose a distro, choose a package manager, choose a browser, choose an email client, choose an audio player, video player, office package, chat client, video editor, image editor, choose a wallpaper, choose compositing effects, choose a toolbar, a panel, choose gadgets, widgets, choose a menu. Choose a dash, a bash, choose a forum to crash. Choose your future, choose Linux, choose life.