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The priorities of Linux by its makers. These are the priorities which Linux was made under and it still has for its design.


Linux meant not to crash or slow down, ever.


Linux is very fast, especially with window manager instead of a desktop environment. Terminal mode is extremely fast, actually it's more or less instantaneous.


Linux is very secure. The kernel takes many efforts to prevent the proliferation of viruses, and the community and Linux distributions take a lot of steps for security to keep out malware and break-in attempts.


Linux is focused on privacy. Linux is kept secure and Linux software never. Some software wants to send home telemetry or crash data (some distributions turn this off).

Under Linux you never have to give your name, e-mail address, phone number, home address or any information about yourself. You can participate in IRC or using an anonynmous nick name. You may have to submit an e-mail address if you wish to join a forum or a mailing list, but you can still use an anonymous user name.

When you do a system update on Linux the only information that is sent is what distribution and version you are using, and what architecture your computer is using (such as 32 or 64 bit PC).

Standards compliance[edit]

Standards have always been critically important for Linux, such as POSIX and other OS and Internet standards.


Linux lets you configure it how you like, as a client, as a server, as a workstation, and lets you do anything else with it you can think of.