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Things that need work on Linux for better first impressions

Stylus's ideas:

  • Easier to set up more reliable 3D accelleration drivers
  • Easier to set up Bluetooth for tethering or audio
  • Imperfect performance of Windows games under Wine
  • drivers and any other functionality issues, then polishing up useability
  • Very old user interfaces on otherwise acceptable programs, e.g. Xfig
  • Good, high quality documentation to increase useability

Tom's ideas:

  • Faster 3D effects
  • Faster and small memory use desktop environments
  • Aesthetically appealling interface
  • Improvements in speed and user interface in the Software Manager
  • mintdownload/verify program for downloading new revisions of Linux Mint
  • scrapping Pulse Audio
  • getting rid of all other programs by Lennart Poettering et al
  • an overall simple interface to Linux so people know what's going on and can use it and fix it