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(It should say #linuxadvocacy in the page header and title, but it's not due to technical limitations.)

You are welcome to join us in our IRC channels.

  • If you want some help trying out Linux, backing up Windows or Mac, setting up or using Linux, feel free to join us #linuxadvocacy-help also on the SpotChat IRC network.
  • If you don't have an IRC client installed or have never used IRC, we suggest you download HexChat (free softwar and a free download) and install it. Once installed, run it and run the commands /server and /join #linuxadvocacy-help (or /join #linuxadvocacy). (The Mac client appears to be no longer maintained, but you can still try it.)
  • If you are trying out Linux using VirtualBox or a DVD or USB stick, HexChat is pre-installed on LMDE 2 and will automatically connect to the SpotChat network. You can then /join #linuxadvocacy-help and #linuxadvocacy. The #linuxmint-help channel will be joined automatically and you are allowed to ask Linux Mint-related questions there, too.

The short of it is, if you are going to try or use Linux we would be glad to help you get set up.